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  1. How do I place an order?

  2. How far in advance do I place my order?

  3. Should I make a deposit for my order?

  4. Do you deliver?

  5. Do you have pre-made cakes ready for pick up?

  6. How should I store and serve my cakes/cupcakes/cookie cakes/macaroons?

  7. How can I special order cakes or wedding cakes?

  8. With the return and refund policy, we would like to add any cancelations within 48hrs of the pick up date, the deposit will be forfeited for all order except wedding cakes. They must canceled within 30 days of the wedding date or deposit will be forfeited as well. we reserve the right to discontinue or modify and or all service without notice. Only when the deposit is made will it guarantee the order, if any problems occur we reserve the right to call and cancel the order within the allowed 48hr notice. Those are just some of the suggestions and will will email you again with other information you have requested. 

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